Preventable Tragedies

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Preventable Tragedies in The News

ESS scours daily news cycles and documents the numerous unfortunate daily preventable tragedies involving oncoming drivers colliding with disabled vehicles. We do this to verify this growing roadway safety issue, and to emphasize to motorists, automakers, safety regulators and lawmakers the urgency we face to implement a solution.

Two Teens Die In I-55 Crash

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 18-year-old Shayleigh Smith of Jackson and a 16-year-old juvenile from Hayti were killed.

Two Army Reservists From Memphis Dead After Hit By Vehicle

20-year-old Antavias Shye and 21-year-old Keon Williams were changing a flat tire near the south side fog line in the eastbound lane. A Chevrolet Silverado collided with them, causing fatal injuries.

Off-duty Seattle police officer fatally struck after stopping to help at I-5 collision scene

Seattle police on Monday continued to mourn the death of a well-respected colleague who was fatally struck by a car on southbound Interstate 5, after she stopped to help motorists involved in a collision.

Crash results in fatality

A Hale, Missouri, man has died following a crash that happened on Sunday night in Livingston County.

Five Killed In Traffic Crash At Buffalo

The Department of Public Safety reports five people killed in an early Tuesday morning crash at Buffalo in Leon County...

Even More Preventable Tragedies

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