Sports Illustrated: This Has Been a Trying Year. Chris Smith Knows As Well As Anyone

October 15, 2020

Sports Illustrated This Has Been a Trying Year. Chris Smith Knows As Well As Anyone Alex Prewitt A month before he bagged Patrick Mahomes, in a devastatingly 2020 moment, the Raiders defensive lineman sat in his team hotel room, under quarantine. He turned on his phone, logged into FaceTime and watched alone as friends and family mourned the loss of the person who meant the most to him. As his flight climbed toward the heavens on Sept.

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Automotive News: Road hazards could be seen in a new light

October 12, 2020

Automotive News Road Hazards Could Be Seen In A New Light Whitney McDonald After former Cleveland Browns defensive end Chris Smith’s girlfriend Petara Cordero died in a disabled vehicle accident in Ohio last year, he agreed to promote a new technology that could help prevent similar tragedies. Startup company Emergency Safety Solutions, known as ESS, reached out to him about its emerging product being developed for automakers and that is under review by safety regulators.

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Car and Driver: Quicker, Flashier Hazard Lights Could Be Here Next Year

September 27, 2020

Car and Driver Sebastian Blanco Quicker, Flashier Hazard Lights Could Be Here Next Year One company thinks it has a way to make lights more noticeable on vehicles disabled by the side of the road A company called Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) thinks yellow flashers that blink more like emergency vehicles could save a lot of lives around the world. The company is promoting the technology along with Chris Smith, an NFL player whose fiancée was killed not by the initial incident the two were in, but by a vehicle that hit her while they were stuck on the side of the road.

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Emergency Safety Solutions Uncovers Significant Roadway Safety Hazard, Offers Solution to Federal Agencies

November 14, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HOUSTON, TX — Emergency Safety Solutions (ESS) today announced that in the third quarter of 2019, the company has documented and validated a new safety case – a previously unidentified root cause of preventable, but often fatal, roadway accidents. After identifying this safety case, which results in 2 to 4 deaths each day in the United States, ESS developed new technology that can be integrated into passenger and commercial vehicles to prevent future accidents.

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