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Man Killed by Vehicle After Getting Out of Car to Check Flat Tire

HOUSTON — A man was hit and killed by a vehicle on the South Loop Friday after Houston police said he got out of his car to check a flat tire.  

This happened shortly before 10:30 p.m. near the Stella Link exit.

Police said the man got a flat tire so he stopped on one of the main lanes of the freeway and got out of his vehicle.

Shortly after, he was hit by a car, police said.

The driver of that car stopped after the crash and waited for police to arrive.

Investigators said the driver didn't display any signs of intoxication and doesn't see any charges being filed.

The deceased man hasn't been identified.

Police said the freeway is the most dangerous place you can be if you're having car trouble. They advise you to drive off the freeway if you can and head to a nearby gas station or parking lot.