Hazard Enhanced Lighting Package (“H.E.L.P.")

The Problem

People are injured or killed in preventable tragedies involving disabled vehicles every day. Recent studies (2017-2018) show a nearly 10% annual increase in these types of accidents, including a nearly 40% increase in fatalities of pedestrians attending to disabled vehicles. As a result, more than 200 preventable crashes involving disabled or stationary vehicles occur every day in the U.S. alone.

Preventable tragedies involving disabled vehicles include scenarios such as:

  1. A moving vehicle strikes a non-moving, disabled vehicle on or adjacent to the roadway, often leading to multiple car pile-ups.
  2. A pedestrian is struck while attending to a disabled vehicle on or adjacent to the roadway.
  3. A vehicle runs off the roadway, strikes a fixed object, and the accident goes unnoticed by passersby for hours or days while trapped vehicle occupants expire.

These accidents occur when oncoming drivers do not notice disabled vehicles in time to safely react.

Example of a Preventable Tragedy

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How ESS Can H.E.L.P.

ESS developed its H.E.L.P. (Hazard Enhanced Lighting Package) safety solution to better protect occupants of disabled vehicles and Good Samaritans who assist them – providing advanced warning to oncoming drivers of potential threats on or near the roadway. H.E.L.P. revolutionizes today’s outdated standard vehicle hazard lighting function, which has not changed in nearly 70 years by transforming it into an intelligent communication system.

Cost of Updates vs Lives Saved

H.E.L.P. Safety Features

H.E.L.P. uses its highly visible hazard light pattern to provide instant, greatly enhanced visibility to give oncoming drivers more advance notice of hazards on or near the roadway, while also helping to combat driver distraction. It can be deployed manually or automatically upon an emergency event, in conjunction with other emergency equipment inside the vehicle. H.E.L.P is automatically deployed after a colission or can be deployed manually by pressing the vehicle’s hazard activation button two times, and is intended for use when high visibility is needed or in an emergency.

H.E.L.P. is a software-based solution that requires minimal to no hardware updates to new vehicle safety and lighting control systems.

For more detailed information about ESS’s proprietary H.E.L.P. system, please contact us directly at our Houston office (281) 507-8800 or click here.

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