Preventable Tragedies

Video shows 25-car pile-up in North Carolina

June 06, 2019

Video above shows a 25-car pile-up that happened Tuesday on I-40 near Raleigh. Traffic was backed up for six miles for nearly three hours. Seven people were injured. Weather is thought to be a contributing factor.

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Semi-truck driver, 23, arrested after 4 people are killed in fiery crash involving 28 vehicles on Colorado freeway

April 26, 2019

The 23-year-old semi-truck driver was heading down a hill when he slammed into traffic that had slowed due to a previous crash ahead of him, officials said. The collision in the Denver suburb of Lakewood started a chain reaction and a diesel fuel spill, Countryman earlier told the Denver Post. The fire was said to be so intense that it melted the roadway and the metal off cars. “This is looking to be one of the worst accidents we’ve had here in Lakewood,” he said.

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‘It was insane’ | Up to 17 cars involved in I-45 pileup caused by runaway tire

March 28, 2019

A runaway tire on I-45 North caused a big, multi-car pileup near downtown Houston early Thursday. It happened when a tire flew off a Jeep lost and landed in the middle of I-45 near Memorial Drive. Drivers swerving to miss the tire ended up crashing into each other. Other drivers didn’t see the tire and ran over it, damaging their vehicles with flat tires, busted bumpers — or worse.

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Jim Boeheim was at or near the speed limit when fatal crash occurred, DA says

February 27, 2019

Boeheim was behind the wheel of a GMC Acadia that struck and killed 51-year-old Jorge Jimenez at 11:30 p.m. last Wednesday after Boeheim swerved to avoid a disabled vehicle on a dark, icy highway after Syracuse’s game against Louisville. Jimenez was one of four people who had been in the disabled car, which had skidded on a patch of ice into a guardrail in the center median. Only one of the four had made it from the disabled 2011 Dodge Charger, which was blocking two lanes of traffic, into the median when the collision occurred.

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HPD: Horrific crash that killed two men started as a minor incident on 610 South Loop

November 15, 2018

Police said two vehicles, a Toyota Corolla and a Nissan Frontier, were involved in a minor collision in the westbound lanes. The drivers, both men, stopped in a moving lane of traffic and exited their vehicles. That’s when the driver of a larger Chevrolet pickup slammed into the stopped vehicles and drivers. The driver of the Chevrolet pickup told police they were following another vehicle prior to the major collision, and they were not able to see the stopped vehicles.

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Bodies identified following fiery crash in Childress County

August 10, 2017

Officials said around 9:50 p.m. an 18-wheeler, and two sedans were traveling south on U.S. 287 near Kirkland during extremely high winds and very bad visibility. Several vehicles were stopped or moving slowly due to poor visibility. The driver of the 18-wheeler could not see the slow traffic and crashed into a Ford sedan which then crashed into another vehicle. The 18-wheeler and Ford sedan ended up in a ditch where both vehicles caught on fire.

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At Least 20 Hurt as 94 Vehicles Pile Up on North Carolina Interstate

March 14, 2016

Blinding sun, rain and rubbernecking were blamed for a chain of accidents involving almost 100 vehicles along a stretch of interstate in North Carolina on Sunday evening, injuring at least 20 people and delaying travel late into the night. Incredibly, none of the injuries was reported to be serious in the series of wrecks, which the state Transportation Department tabulated at nine, involving 94 vehicles, along a six-mile stretch of freeway where westbound Interstate 40 and southbound Interstate 85 are combined in Alamance County, east of Burlington.

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Woman killed after hit by multiple vehicles on I-24 near county line

A pedestrian was struck by multiple vehicles and killed early Sunday morning on Interstate 24 West, Nashville police said. The medical examiner’s office is working with the victim’s family to make a positive identification. According to preliminary reports, the victim had been driving her Nissan Versa east on I-24 near the Davidson-Rutherford County line prior to being struck. Her car reportedly had lost the driver’s side tire, and she was driving on the rim “quite some time,” police said.

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Woman Pulled From Burning Car Following Crash on I-30 in Garland

A woman was pulled from a burning car and another person was injured in a two-vehicle incident on Interstate 30 early Sunday morning, Garland police say. Officers arrived just before 2 a.m. to eastbound I-30 near the ramp to the President George Bush Turnpike, where the woman was unconscious in the driver seat of the burning black Toyota Camry. A witness told police the driver was in the second from the left lane when she lost control and hit the left side concrete barrier and a light pole then veered back onto the roadway.

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